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Botanical Name: Neolamarckia cadamba

Information about Botanical Name:
Rapid Growth: The Neolamarckia cadamba tree species is known for its rapid growth, allowing for a sustainable wood supply.
Impressive Height: These trees can reach up to 30 meters, providing long and uniform timber pieces.
Desirable Properties: Jabon Isobo wood exhibits straight grain patterns and a moderate density, offering a balance of strength and ease of handling.

Advantages and Benefits:
Versatility: Jabon Isobo can be used for various applications, including furniture cores, picture frames, and Japanese door and ceiling components.
Aesthetic Appeal: The wood's straight grain patterns add visual appeal to woodworking projects.
Accessible to Work With With its moderate density, Jabon Isobo is easy to handle and process, making it suitable for artisans of all levels.

Product Specifications:
Grade: B/C
Dimension: 15-30 x 40/45 x 3900 mm
Allowed Characteristics: No Hit and Miss, Crack, Decoy, Bending, Cupping, Knots, Pith. Slight blue stains and tiny knots are permitted, enhancing the wood's natural beauty.

These specifications ensure that Jabon Isobo meets the highest quality standards. It is free from common imperfections, such as irregularities, cracks, deceptive portions, excessive bending or warping, knots, and the central core or pith of the tree. Choose Jabon Isobo for your woodworking projects and experience the excellence of this sustainable and high-quality wood.

Recommended Applications:
Furniture Core (shinzai): Jabon Isobo is an ideal choice for furniture core material.
Picture Frames (gakubuchi): The wood is suitable for crafting elegant picture frames.
Japanese Door and Ceiling Components (urazan): Jabon Isobo can create Japanese-style door and ceiling components.

Environmentally Responsible:

Responsible Sourcing: PT. Ratimdo Utama is committed to responsibly sourcing Jabon Isobo materials.

Sustainable Practices: The wood is derived from sustainably managed plantations, supporting the preservation of forests and responsible resource utilization.

Wood Certification:

SVLK Certification: Jabon Isobo is certified under the SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) scheme, ensuring the wood is legally harvested and sourced from sustainable plantations.

Compliance with EUDR: The SVLK Certification has received recognition for compliance with the new 2023 EUDR (EU Deforestation-free Regulation), further confirming its environmental credentials.

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Jabon Isobo

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