Pulai Nisobo

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Pulai Nisobo, a high-quality timber product from PT Ratimdo Utama, combines the beauty and strength of Alstonia scholaris, commonly known as Pulai. Here are the details of our product:

Botanical Name: Alstonia scholaris
Density: 360 kg/m³
Size: 12-30 x 45/50 x 2420/3000 mm
Application: Same as Isobo, specifically designed for the Tokyo region.

Advantages of Pulai (Alstonia scholaris):
High Density: Offers exceptional strength and durability.
Light yet Strong: Ideal for various applications due to its lightweight yet robust nature.
Smooth Texture: Presents an elegant and appealing appearance.
Straight Wood Grain: Facilitates processing and results in a neat and uniform appearance.
Efficiently Worked: The physical properties of Pulai make it easy to process and carve, allowing for various designs and applications.
Environmentally Friendly: As a fast-growing and sustainable tree species, Pulai is an environmentally friendly choice.

Product Quality Specifications:

Our product passes high-quality standards. We only use B/C grade wood and guarantee no defects such as hit and miss, cracks, decay, bending, cupping, knots, and pith. Slight blue stains and tiny knots are allowed, adding uniqueness and character to our products.


Our Pulai Nisobo has obtained SVLK Certification and meets the new EUDR (EU Deforestation-free Regulation) in 2023. This shows our commitment to environmental sustainability and that our product comes from a reliable and sustainable source.

With Pulai Nisobo, you get a product demonstrating quality, durability, and our commitment to environmental sustainability. PT Ratimdo Utama is committed to providing the best for our customers by maintaining uncompromising quality and appreciating the beauty of nature.

Pulai Nisobo

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Pulai Nisobo

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