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Pulai Isobo is a natural wood product made from Alstonia scholaris with a 360 kg/m3 density. Pulai Isobo wood is 15-30 x 40/45 x 3900 mm, providing flexibility for various projects.

Information about Alstonia scholaris
Alstonia scholaris, also known as Pulai or Indian Devil Tree, is widely distributed in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and India. It can grow to 30-40 meters with a straight and upright trunk.

Here are some characteristics and properties of Alstonia scholaris that may be interesting:
Wood density: Wood from Alstonia scholars is approximately 360 kg/m3 thick. This density makes it lightweight, easy to work with, and suitable for various applications.
Wood color and grain pattern: Pulai Isobo has a delicate and uniform wood grain with a generally white to creamy yellowish color. The wood is smooth and consistent, providing a clean and aesthetic appearance.
Strength and stability: Alstonia scholaris has good power but is classified as a softwood. It can provide sufficient stability for construction and furniture applications.
Insect resistance: Alstonia scholaris wood has natural resistance against insect attacks. This makes it more resistant to damage caused by wood-boring insects or other pests.
Wood drying characteristics: Alstonia scholaris wood tends to dry quickly and with minimal deformation. This makes it easier to work with and suitable for construction projects that require relatively short drying times.
Traditional usage: Alstonia scholaris has been used in various conventional applications, especially in the furniture and construction industries in the Southeast Asian region. This wood often produces doors, windows, ceilings, and traditional Japanese picture frames.

Advantages and Benefits Pulai Isobo :
Pulai Isobo has high stability, strength, and resistance against insect attacks, making it a durable and reliable choice.
This wood also possesses fire-resistant properties, providing additional safety in its usage.

Product Specifications
Grade B/C: Pulai Isobo has a B/C grade quality, ensuring excellent and consistent quality.
No defects: This product has no imperfections such as black or white (hit and miss), cracks, warping, folds, knots, or wood cores.
Allowed slight blue stains and small wood cores: There are some tiny blue stains and small wood cores allowed in this product, adding natural character and appeal.

Recommended Applications
Pulai Isobo is highly suitable for use in several applications, including:
Furniture core (shinzai): Pulai Isobo is an ideal choice for furniture cores. Its success in providing stability and strength makes it a reliable option for furniture artisans.

Picture frame (gakubuchi): With its beauty and quality, Pulai Isobo is a perfect option for picture frames. Its elegant appearance will enhance the beauty of the artwork.

Japanese door and ceiling components: Pulai Isobo can create traditional Japanese door and ceiling components. The reliability and durability of this wood are well-suited for construction needs.

Environmentally Responsible: PT. Ratimdo Utama is dedicated to responsibly sourcing and producing Pulai Isobo materials. Pulai Isobo is widely recognized for its outstanding environmental benefits. This wood is derived from a renewable resource, as the trees are replanted after being tapped for latex production. By incorporating Pulai Isobo in our product range, we actively contribute to waste reduction and promote sustainable forestry practices.

Wood Certification: Our Pulai Isobo is sourced from legally harvested timber in Indonesia, meeting stringent legal and environmental standards. These certifications ensure that our wood originates from sustainably managed plantations. Moreover, we are delighted to announce that our wood certification, the SVLK Certification, has received recognition for compliance with the new 2023 EUDR (EU Deforestation-free Regulation).

The SVLK Certification provides further assurance of our commitment to responsible sourcing practices. It signifies that our products are environmentally sustainable and align with the latest regulations in combating deforestation. By choosing our Pulai Isobo, you can have confidence knowing that it meets the highest legality and sustainability standards, as endorsed by the SVLK Certification and the new EUDR regulation.

We deeply value the preservation of forests and the promotion of sustainable practices. With our certified wood products, you can make an environmentally conscious choice without compromising on quality or style. Join us in supporting responsible sourcing and safeguarding our planet’s valuable resources.

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Pulai Isobo

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