Pulai Nisobo

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Pulai Nisobo, a high-quality timber product from PT Ratimdo Utama, combines the beauty and strength of Alstonia scholaris, commonly known as Pulai. Here are the details of our product:

Botanical Name: Alstonia scholaris
Density: 360 kg/m³
Size: 12-30 x 45/50 x 2420/3000 mm
Application: Same as Isobo, specifically designed for the Tokyo region.

Advantages of Pulai (Alstonia scholaris):
High Density: Offers exceptional strength and durability.
Light yet Strong: Ideal for various applications due to its lightweight yet robust nature.
Smooth Texture: Presents an elegant and appealing appearance.
Straight Wood Grain: Facilitates processing and results in a neat and uniform appearance.
Efficiently Worked: The physical properties of Pulai make it easy to process and carve, allowing for various designs and applications.
Environmentally Friendly: As a fast-growing and sustainable tree species, Pulai is an environmentally friendly choice.