Pulai Isobo

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Pulai Isobo is a natural wood product made from Alstonia scholaris with a 360 kg/m3 density. Pulai Isobo wood is 15-30 x 40/45 x 3900 mm, providing flexibility for various projects.

Information about Alstonia scholaris
Alstonia scholaris, also known as Pulai or Indian Devil Tree, is widely distributed in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and India. It can grow to 30-40 meters with a straight and upright trunk.

Here are some characteristics and properties of Alstonia scholaris that may be interesting:
Wood density: Wood from Alstonia scholars is approximately 360 kg/m3 thick. This density makes it lightweight, easy to work with, and suitable for various applications.
Wood color and grain pattern: Pulai Isobo has a delicate and uniform wood grain with a generally white to creamy yellowish color. The wood is smooth and consistent, providing a clean and aesthetic appearance.
Strength and stability: Alstonia scholaris has good power but is classified as a softwood. It can provide sufficient stability for construction and furniture applications.
Insect resistance: Alstonia scholaris wood has natural resistance against insect attacks. This makes it