Hevea Solid Panels: Pioneering Sustainable Wood Paneling

Introduction: Wood paneling is evolving beyond just a decorative statement; it’s becoming a hallmark of sustainability and innovation. As the world shifts towards eco-friendly practices, there’s a noticeable shift towards materials like Rubberwood, especially Hevea solid panels. Dive into how these panels are reshaping the wood paneling landscape, the frontrunners of this movement, and the […]

PT Ratindo Utama’s Success: Quality, Consistency & Sustainability

PT Ratindo Utama, an Indonesian company, has made waves in the international market with its high-quality wood products. As the Director, Mr. Ganda, shared in a recent interview, the company’s journey demonstrates the power of quality, consistency, and a commitment to sustainability. Focusing on Quality For the past 15 years, PT Ratindo Utama has exported […]

Rubberwood: Exploring Its Versatility

Rubber wood export business is a relatively bright business,The amount of rubber wood increased, It is a hardwood that can be processed easily and inexpensively.

Have you heard about the term ‘rubberwood’ and wondered what it means? In the world of woodworking and furniture production, this specific type of timber holds a prominent place. This blog post aims to demystify rubberwood and provide answers to some frequently asked questions. A Closer Look at This Timber People also know this material […]