Sustainability: PT Ratimdo Utama’s Global Edge

Sustainability: PT Ratimdo Utama’s Global Edge


PT Ratimdo Utama, an Indonesian company, has made waves in the international market with its high-quality wood products. As the Director, Mr. Ganda, shared in a recent interview, the company’s journey demonstrates the power of quality, consistency, and a commitment to sustainability.

Focusing on Quality

For the past 15 years, PT Ratimdo Utama has exported its products to Japan, a market known for its stringent quality standards. Meeting these standards has been a crucial factor in the company’s success. “The Japanese market is one of the most demanding in terms of quality,” said Mr. Ganda. “For 15 years, we have been preparing and testing ourselves in this market.”

The company’s commitment to quality extends to its internal production processes. “Maintaining quality is not something that we just write on paper and distribute to our workers. It requires continuous supervision every day,” Mr. Ganda explained.

Emphasizing Consistency

Moreover, in addition to quality, consistency is another critical factor in PT RatimdoUtama’s success. The company ensures that its products meet the same high standards, regardless of the market they are destined for. “Even though our buyers Korea are not as strict as those in Japan, we still follow the Japanese standards in our production process,” Mr. Ganda said. “This is because if we allow for tolerances, it will damage our own standards and work culture.”