About Us

PT Ratimdo Utama, a leading woodworking factory located in Medan, North Sumatra, specializes in the production of Finger Jointed Laminated Boards and Shinzai (issobou, nissobou) using high-quality Rubberwood (Hevea brasiliensis), Jabon/Kelampayan (Neolamarckia cadamba), and Pulai (Alstonia scholaris) for over 15 years. With a primary focus on the Japanese market, the company continues to exemplify professionalism and excellence in its industry.

Established in 1992 as CV. Bintang Terang, our company initially produced pallets for domestic industrial use. In 2002, we installed a kiln drying system and began exporting timber pallets to Japan, servicing companies such as Nippon Pallet Rental, Japan Pallet Rental, and Asia Pallet Pool.

In 2006, the Indonesian government implemented restrictions on the use of forest timber, leading to shortages in the industry. Consequently, we shifted our focus toward sustainability, exploring the use of plantation timber. In 2008, we transitioned from a partnership (CV) to a corporation (PT) and established PT Ratimdo Utama. Subsequently, we installed a chemical treatment chamber to treat timber, increasing its resistance to borer insect attacks, and began producing Shinzai products such as Isobo (1-sobo, issobou) and Nisobo (2-sobo, nissobou).

In 2011, we started working with Rubberwood species, leveraging the abundant and sustainable rubber plantations in North Sumatra. The history of rubber plantations in Indonesia dates back to the early 20th century, with most of the old rubber estates established by the Dutch East Indies. When rubber trees reach approximately 25 years old, their latex output becomes uneconomical, leading to their replacement with new trees. We harvest our rubberwood from these replanting projects, creating a cycle that will continue as long as there is global demand for rubber. We believe this approach contributes to sustainable timber practices. As we look toward a future with rubberwood, we envision the same for your business.